Zombicide Green Horde


This sequel to Zombicide: Black Plague bring a whole new set of challenged. Go back to the world full of deadly medieval fantasy and fight against the infected orcs and goblins!


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Zombicide Green Horde is a game where 1-6 players aged 14 years or over will fight against the infected orcs for survival. The survivors of the plague now have a whole new set of problems to deal with if they want to carry on breathing.

The orcs and humans never had an easy relationship as both sides are known raid the other’s territory. Now something new has appeared across the border and brought a challenge humankind have never faced before.

Each scenario requires different goals to be accomplished and strategic thinking to defeat the new green threat. Orc zombies will hit harder and cause more damage than the human variety and the looming danger of Orc zombies being released all at once is to be feared.

Zombicide Green Horde is the sequel to the Zombicide: Black Plague series. So get ready to work cooperatively with players and take on roles of the survivors of the outbreak!

Zombicide Green Horde Gameplay

Combine forces and work cooperatively with up to six players to stay alive. You may be familiar with Runners, Walkers, Fatties, and Abominations that search for victims. However, these creatures are not zombie humans but zombie orcs!

Survivors will have to arm themselves with medieval equipment if they want any chance of survival. The Zombie Orcs are much stronger than the original classic zombie and bring a challenge to even professional undead-hunting veterans.

Download the Zombicide: Green Horde Rules PDF

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Zombicide Green Horde below:

  • Double-Sided Game Tiles x9
  • Survivor Miniatures and ID Cards x6
  • Orc Zombie Miniatures x65
  • Siege Engine: Trebuchet
  • Trackers x48
  • Survivor Colour Bases x6
  • Survivor Dashboards x6
  • Cards x133
  • Tokens x68
  • Dice x6
  • Rulebook

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