Witch Hunter


This paperback version of Witch Hunter by CL Werner follows the Mathias Thulmann as he hunts down sinister threats. Richard Strachan has named it as one of the biggest influences behind his novel Hallowed Ground!

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Mathias Thulmann is the most notorious witch hunter in the Old World and has set out to investigate a multiple grisly deaths before being drawn into a web of deceit…

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Witch Hunters are a classic in Warhammer fiction and Mathias Thulmann is known for being one of the best.
In the medieval Old World, witch hunters are often feared above all others. These individuals have the task of hunting out evil and using whatever means necessary to destroy those who ally with the Dark Powers. Investigating a series of deaths, Thulmann is soon drawn into a web of deceit that could see the end to his glorious career…

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