Wingspan: Oceania Expansion


Explore different strategies and collect a variety of birds in this Wingspan Oceania Expansion! Packed with new bonus cards, egg colours and so much more!

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Wingspan Oceania is an expansion pack for 1-5 players aged 10 years or older to collect and play with various types of birds. The Oceania expansion pack includes new mats, food, cards and will last around roughly 60 minutes per game.

Birds are represented throughout the game by a stack of cards with varied types of power. Playing different birds will cost food and possibly eggs, players can also add them to habitats so they can grow in power. Add this expansion pack to your original base game and include 95 new birds to your original collection of cards for more entertainment than ever before. The player with the most points after four rounds wins!

Wingspan Gameplay

Here is a simplified version of how to play Wingspan:

  1. To start the game, players will take one of four actions including Play, Gaining Food, Laying Eggs and Drawing Cards.
  2. To play a bird, pay the food and egg cost before placing it on your mat.
  3. When gaining food, laying eggs and drawings cards players must place an action cube on a chosen habitat and activate any birds in that row.
  4. Once all action cubes have been placed the round will end.
  5. Remove all action cubes from player mats and score the end-of-round goal.
  6. Discard all used cards and restock them.
  7. The game will end after round four.
  8. The player with the most points wins!

Game Components

Below is a full list of components for Wingspan Oceania:

  • Box
  • 15 Egg Miniatures
  • 5 Player Mats
  • 5 Wooden Dice
  • 69 Nectar Tokens
  • 5 Bonus Cards
  • 4 Goal Tiles
  • 95 Bird Cards
  • Scorepad
  • Reference Tile
  • Automa Rulebook
  • 7 Automa Cards
  • Core Rulebook

How to Play Wingspan: Oceania Expansion

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