Warsong Revenant (Sylvaneth)


Weave the magic of the Deepwood with the Wizard Hero Warsong Revenant. Demoralise the enemy and boost the spirits of allies by playing songs that connect the Sylvaneth!


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Warsong Revenant is a powerful addition to the Sylvaneth army and will play songs using a flute to demoralise the enemy. These songs are full of hope and played to all allies in a joyous tune, however, to the enemy it blares impending doom. The powerful wizard is infused with magic and wears a cloak to defend their soul from harm.

Sylvaneth, also known as Wood Elves, are made of bark and sap and often found within the forests of the Mortal Realms. Forming part of the Grand Alliance of Order, they seek to protect the natural cycles and live in harmony with nature. A haunting spirit-song binds all Sylvaneth together as one and share goals that may conflict with their allies. When threatened, they will use claws, thorns and enchanted blades to fight and tear the enemy apart. Trespassers who dare to enter the woodland are lucky if they return to tell the tale.

The incredible miniature features a cloak of leaves, sword and legs of wood.  With a variety of textures and materials to paint this model will unleash your creative side. Use the Citadel Colour System and bring your Warsong Revenant to life with a wide range of vibrant colours to choose from. Once assembled and painted, include the model in your future battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

This kit supplies components to assemble one Warsong Revenant.

Warsong Revenant Components

Assemble Warsong Revenant with the following components:

  • 22x Plastic Components
  • Citadel 105mm Oval Base


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