Kill Team Core Manual – Warhammer 40,000


Kill Team Core Manual takes you through the rules on how to construct your kill team from 16 different Warhammer 40k factions. Players will only need a handful of miniatures to enter battle so you can begin playing in no time!

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Kill Team Core Manual is a 208-page essential book containing all the information and rules needed to play. The book will guide you through different skirmishes as you decide the fate of the galaxy through battles!

Pariah Nexus makes the perfect starter set for those just starting out as it contains both Primaris Space Marines and Necrons. The world is full of combined halls, keeping the game full of suspense with every single move made.

Kill Team is a tabletop war game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Using the same miniatures, this fast-paced game is ideal for those looking for a quicker game. 2-4 players will compete using smaller squads and battle using tactical combat!

Kill Team Core Manual Contents

This 208-page softback contains the following:

  • Shadow War – Roles of the Kill Teams in the 41st Millennium
  • Heroes – Unique Features
  • Theatres of War – War Zone Changes
  • Core Rules – Basics of Kill Team
  • Background Information – Datasheets/Abilities
  • Game Structure – Setting up Battles
  • Advanced Rules – Options for Complexity and Depth
  • Killzones – Environment-Specific Rules
  • Missions – 3 Open, 4 Matched and 4 Narrative
  • Kill Teams – Building your Team
  • Background Information for Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Heretic Astartes, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Asuryani, Drukhari, Harlequins, Necrons, Orks, T’au Empire, Tyranids, and Genestealer Cults.

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