Kill Team Commanders Expansion Set


This 120-page Kill Team Commanders Expansion Set introduces war leaders to your battles. The book features traits, rules, background information and so much more!

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Kill Team Commanders Expansion Set introduces elite war leaders to your future battles. Provided in this book are all the rules required to add the powerful Commanders to your Kill Team battles and provide open, narrative and matched play.

The legendary commanders are able to instill dread in their opponents and inspire their comrades. They possess great might and the sheer force of will to change the battle using their strengths!

The Kill Team Core Manual is required to use this set.

Kill Team Commanders Expansion Set Contents

This 120-page softback book contain the following:

  • A Galaxy at War – Introduction to Kill Team Setting, Role of Commanders
  • Commander Traits – Specific Tactics Applicable to Commanders
  • Psychic Powers – 6 Powers for Commanders Only
  • Rules – Fielding Commanders, Determine Future Events
  • Aura Tactics – Passive Abilities
  • Specialists – 10 Different Types including Ferocity, Fortitude, Leadership, Logistics, Melee, Psyker, Shooting, Stealth, Strategist and Strength
  • Comprehensive List – Commanders Available including Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Heretic Astartes, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Asuryani, Drukhari, Harlequins, Necrons, Orks, T’au Empire, Tyranids, and Genestealer Cult
  • Additional Rules – Deployment and Battle Length
  • Heroic Regalia – Painted Miniatures
  • Missions – 6 Narrative Play, 6 Matched Play and 3 Open Play
  • Campaign Record Sheet – Keep Track of Missions, Photocopy for Future Use
  • Universal Commander Tactics Cards x33
  • Psychic Power Cards x7
  • Blank Commander Datacards x20
  • Double-Sided Commander Token Sheet

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