Warhammer 40000: Heroes of Black Reach (Core Box)


Help the Ultramines in their fight against the Warlord Zanzag and relive the adventures of Captain Cato Sicarius and Sergeant Scout Marines Torias Telion!

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Warhammer 40,000 and the Heroes System have collaborated so that you can help the Ultramines. Just like Gloomhaven, Heroes of Black Reach is played in scenarios and the outcome of the battle can change the rest of the game.

Heroes of Black Reach is played in game turns divided into three phases: Order Phase, Activation Phase and Supply Phase. We have outlined the rules for each of these phases below. This 2-player game usually lasts around 30 minutes and is recommended for players aged 14 years and over.

Heroes of Black Reach has different rules for different kinds of situations. However, the rules have all been provided on your units or on the game board itself so you don’t have to keep going back to the rulebook!

Warhammer 40000: Heroes of Black Reach Gameplay

Heroes of Black Reach divides each game into three phases:

  1. During the order phase players assign order tokens, equal to the number of stars, to their units. These units will then be able to move and attack during the activation phase.
  2. In the activation phase, players activate their units. Players can then act with a numbered or order token.
  3. During the supply phase, units that have no order tokens and activated makers can take a movement action. After this, players will get ready for their next turns.

Game Components

  • Rulebook
  • Campaign Booklet with 8 Scenarios
  • 6 Double-Sided Terrain Boards
  • Terrain Elements
  • 100 Cards
  • 4 Dice
  • Bunkers

Ultramarine Units

  • Sergeant Telion
  • Company Chaplain Brother Orad and his options
  • Librarian Brother Servius and his Psychic Powers
  • Brother Milius (Techmarine)
  • Tactical Squad (Vorolanus) with its Rhino and options
  • Scout Squad (Elias) with its Land Speeder Storm and options
  • Predator Tank
  • Razorback Tank
  • Landraider Redeemer
  • Dreadnought (Brother Agnathio)
  • Storm Talon Gunship
  • Order Tokens
  • 50 Card Deck, War Gear, Command Options, Vehicle Equipment & Customisations

Ork Units

  • Golf Warboss Uzdrakh
  • Snake Bites Weirdboy Gorkargk with Psychic Powers
  • Evil Sunz Big Mek, Malagrah, Mek Grugoz, Tankbustas
  • Flying Rampage: Goff Stormboyz with their Boyz, Boss Mob and options
  • The Green Raiders: Goff Boyz Mob, with their Trukk, Shootas, Sluggas, Rokkit Launcha, Big Shoota and options
  • Goff Deff Dread
  • Goff Battlewagon
  • Trukk
  • Warbuggy
  • Mek Gunz
  • 2 Killa Kans
  • Order Tokens
  • Orks 50 Card Deck, War gear, Command Options, Vehicle Equipment & Customisations

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