Warcry: Red Harvest (English)


This Red Harvest starter set is the ideal starting point for games of Warcry! Including new scenery, weapons, terrain and two new warbands which are only available in this set.

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Warcry is an exciting game of skirmish combat, set in the chaos realm of the Varanspire. Red Harvest is the latest starter set for Warcry, containing rules, new scenery and two new sets of miniatures which are currently only available in this set!

Warcry is a game of skirmish-scale battles all set in a brutal environment similar to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. However, in this game rival warbands do not fight for survival but for the attention of cruel warlords. This Red Harvest box set supplies you with everything you will need in order to start playing the game revolving around warband combat in the Mortal Realms. Mainly focused on narrative gameplay, you will create your very own warband and over time they will grow and earn new skills!

Warcry: Red Harvest Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Red Harvest Book – 104-pages of information including the rules of the game, campaigns, quests and laying out the setting
  • Darkoath Savagers – Brutal warriors including a Slaughtermaster, God-Speaker, Wrathtouched, Proven x2 and Gloryseekers x5
  • Variety of Weapon Options
  • Tarantulos Brood – Warband includes Broodmaster, Doomweavers x2, Broodkin x7 and Spider Swarms x3
  • Plastic Scenery – Including a Centrepiece, Wooden Structures x2, Ladders x2, Wooden Gangways x2, Modular Sluice Segments x12, Spiked Barricades x6 and Spiked Gangways x2
  • Double-Sided Gaming Board
  • Tokens
  • Dice
  • Cards

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