Warcry: Harbingers of Destruction

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Can you hear it calling? The whispers in the night… Join us… Join me! That’s the voice of Archaon, beckoning you to the Varanspire, you are going to go, aren’t you!

In this high paced skirmish game from Games Workshop you will be pitting together two teams from the Age of Sigmar as although this is a standalone game it is set within the Age of Sigmar universe. Warcry has been made to be fast, action-packed and above all, a complete blood bath! Everyone in the battle is fighting for the chance to be noticed by one of the most powerful warlords in the mortal realms, Archaon as the approval of him is like being royalty in the Age of Sigmar.

This book contains;

Full rules for the following warbands: Bonesplitterz, Ironjawz, Gloomspite Gitz, and Ogor Mawtribes.
Fighter cards for nearly every model available to the Grand Alliance: Destruction ranges.
Rules for three Monsters of Destruction: The Aleguzzler Gargant, the Skitterstrand Arachnarok, and the Dankhold Troggoth.
Refined rules to include Monsters in your warband, as well as new abilities to use against them!
Rules for warbands with mixed Faction Runemarks under the same Grand Alliance and more than one Leader.
Tables for warrior names, warband origins, and leader backgrounds.
4 Destruction Fated Quests, including Spoils of Victory tables for both Honour and Glory.
6 Destruction Challenge Battles, including special rules and valuable Spoils.

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