War Walker (Eldar Craftworlds)


This multipart plastic kit contains all the necessary components to assemble one War Walker. Including Plastic Components, Deadly Weapons and Upgrades!

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This multi-part plastic kit contains the components to assemble one Aeldari War Walker with a variety of deadly weapons and upgrades. The War Walkers are mainly used in rough terrain and have weapons which provide considerable arsenal for it’s size. However, due to a lack of armour they are unable to fight at the centre of attacks.

This lightly-armoured combat walker is piloted by a Asuryani Guardian and used by the Craftworld Aeldari.  The miniature plays a key role for the Asuryani miliatary forces, similar to a Astra Militarum Sentinel. Both of these are nimble and lightly armoured but this miniature is much closer in size to the Wraithlord. Pilots will usually get emotionally attached to the mounts and form a union that is aided by the Aeldari Spirit Stone which contains the spirit of a deceased Aeldari melded with the walker.

We highly recommend using the Citadel Plastic Glue and Colour System to build your new miniature and bring them to life. Discover the huge range of incredible vibrant Citadel paints which have all been designed specifically for Warhammer paintings and choose your favourites. Then follow the steps of the Colour System and unleash your creativity while making your new miniature completely unique to your army. Once primed and ready, introduce them to the endless battles of Warhammer 40k!

War Walker Components

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  • Plastic Components
  • Deadly Weapons
  • Upgrades

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