Van Saar Archeoteks & Grav-Cutters


Expand your Van Saar gang and aboard grav-cutters with this Van Saar Archeoteks and Grav-cutters set! Fly into battle and use the latest technologies of the House of Artifice as you compete in the undercities in games of Necromunda.

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This Van Saar Archeoteks and Grav-Cutters set contains six fighters to expand your Van Saar gang. Archeoteks have unique access to the best possible technology for the clan. Thee models come armed with a deadly rad beamer and an esoteric spider-rig. Neoteks will aboard the grav-cutters with laspistols, energy shields and the option of four different heads!

Necromunda is a tabletop wargame where players will gain experience, members and equipment as they fight in the underhive. The planet of Necromunda is a heavily polluted hive world consisting of mines and factories from the Dark Age of Technology. The undercities of this world is where many gangs will fight against each other until the death without ever witnessing daylight.

This 138-part kit includes the components to assemble two Arecheoteks and four Neoteks. We recommend using the Citadel Colour System to bring your new miniatures to life. Simply choose from a wide range of vibrant colours which have all been designed specifically for Warhammer painting and get creative. Once primed and ready your miniatures will be introduced to all future battles of Necromunda!

Find the rules required for these fighters in the House of Artifice book.

Van Saar Archeoteks Components

Find the full list of components for Van Saar Archeoteks below:

  • Components x138
  • Necromunda 32mm Bases x4
  • Necromunda 25mm Bases x2
  • 45mm Groove Stems x6

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