Uruk hai Warriors: LOTR


Uruk hai are the most dangerous breed that combines the strengths of both Orcs and Goblin Men. They have no sympathy for families, land or possessions and will simply kill all in their path!

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Uruk hai Warriors are the most dangerous breed of Orcs and are strong and muscular compared to the usually crook-limbed and timid ordinary breeds. They are armed with brutal blades and equipped with great armour to protect them as they march to war. They lack emotions for any possession, land, homes or family and will simply kill everything in their path.

Bred by Saruman in the pits of Isengard, they possess the best traits from Orcs and Goblin Men to make up a large party of his army. Some are known for shaving their heads and filling their helmets with blood, the scent from this will send them on a killing frenzy throughout battles. Their swords are greatly feared by opponents due to their double spikes, sharp enough to disembowel horses and behead the enemy.

This set contains components to assemble 20 Uruk hai Warriors, 10 armed with pikes and 10 with swords and shields. The Citadel Colour System allows you to be creative and decide on different paint methods or colours to make your miniatures completely unique. Using both citadel glue and paints you can bring your miniatures to life and prime them ready for future battles of The Lord of the Rings!

Uruk hai Warriors

Find the full list of components for Uruk hai Warriors below:

  • Components x32
  • 25mm Round Bases x20

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