Unlock 8! Mythic Adventures


Do you enjoy escape rooms? Well now you have one in a box! Search for clues and objects in your team to complete the adventure.

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Unlock 8 provides for 1-6 players aged 10 years and over. Enjoy around 90 minutes of mystery as you explore three separate scenarios: Around the World in 80 Minutes, In the Clutches of Hades and Professor Noside’s Animal-O-Matic.

The free Unlock app provides you with a timer, hints and confirms your successes through the duration of the game. When the team reaches a solution simply type the correct code into the app to escape. With only an hour on the clock, you must work as a team to unlock the puzzle and escape with as many points as you can!

Unlock 8 Gameplay

Below is an overview of rules for Unlock 8 and some descriptions of the cards provided:

  1. Place the start card in the middle of the playing area for all to read.
  2. Place the remaining cards facedown in the middle of the playing area to form a deck.
  3. Launch the app and place the device in reach of all players.
  4. One player will then read out the start card which will explain the adventure.
  5. Start the countdown of the Unlock app and the game begins.
  6. On the back of the start card is the first room to start the game. Each time you spot a number or letter on the cards, find the corresponding card from the deck, and reveal it.
  7. Some cards will allow you to combine objects. To do this, add the numbers on the cards together and find the corresponding card.
  8. At the top of some cards, you will find crossed-out numbers and letters. These must be discarded.
  9. If you reveal a penalty card, you must follow the instructions given and then discard it.
  10. The game ends when you escape!

Game Components

Take the mystery with you as it only contains few components:

  • 60 Cards
  • 10-Card Tutorial Deck
  • Unlock App

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