Twilight Imperium 4th Edition


Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) takes you through a space power vacuum to unravel the galactic capital left without an emperor. Pick one of 17 factions leading it through one of many paths of victory to sit on the Metacol Rex throne and rule the galaxy.

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This strategy board game is ideal for more seasoned players looking for a war challenge set in space. First released in 1997, Twilight Imperium is now available in its fourth edition. The latest edition of the Twilight Imperium Game offers extensive gameplay and a galactic conquest like never before. Complete a selection of individual objectives as well as public and open quests to lead your favourite faction to galactic victory.

This edition of Twilight Imperium features 17 races including some previously only available in expansion packs. Some expansion favourites you will find are Ghosts of Creuss or the Naalu Collective. This board game consists of 6-10 tension-filled rounds. Each round contains several turns focusing on three (and eventually four) phases that each player uses to perform different actions.

Depending on which race (faction) you choose you will be able to use different advantages and deal with challenges based on your abilities. With distinct themes and characters, each player is offered a unique gameplay experience where your wit and strategy is at the heart of your victory path.

Twilight Imperium Gameplay

The aim of Twilight Imperium board games is to sit on the Metacol Rex throne and rule the galaxy. In order to lead your faction to victory you must use your wit and take risks. Choose whether your path will be one of military strength, political scheming or economic bargaining and manipulation.

This board game will take you through three main stages of gameplay in each turn. Finally, there is one final stage once a player has conquered Metacol Rex. Below is a simplified look at Twilight Imperium gameplay:

  1. Each turn starts with a Strategy Phase where players will pick or compete for a card which will be used in the Action phase.
  2. In the Action Phase players are met with choices as they expand, move, and shape their empire. They also use the Strategy Phase card to complete primary and secondary tasks (which can be individual or public depending on the player).
  3. The Status Phase is mainly a maintenance phase which allows players to score objectives and focus on their tokens, cards, and units.
  4. The final phase is the Agenda Phase which only begins once a player has taken the Metacol Rex throne. In this phase players vote on laws and directives and set the rules for their galaxy

Twilight Imperium (4th Edition) Game Components

This extensive strategy board game comes with many components to lead you through the galactic conflict to capture the throne of Metacol Rex. In the Twilight Imperium board game you’ll find an epic amount of cards, tokens, and units to create your own unique and diverse gameplay.

The board game comes with:

  • 1 central Metacol Rex card
  • 50 system cards to arrange your galaxy
  • 354 plastic units to place in your galactic conquest
  • 450 cards leading you through victory paths
  • 700 tokens including command and control tokens

Game Difficulty

Although we recommend Twilight Imperium to seasoned board game players, this is a galactic war challenge that every type of player will enjoy. As you learn to play through this expansive universe the first games may take between 6-8 hours of gameplay.

Once you have learned the ropes of each faction and how to use your Twilight Imperium board game components, each gameplay will take 3-4 hours.


Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Review

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