Place your token and begin your journey in Tsuro. Try to avoid other players when creating your path and aim to stay on the board or you will be eliminated!

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Tsuro is a tile placement game with the aim to be the last player standing. 2-8 players begin the game by placing their tokens on the edge of the board. Build your path by placing your tiles adjacent to your token in the direction of your choice. Players aged 8 years and over can travel along their path by rotating the tiles to your desired location. Watch out for other players and keep on the board else you will face elimination.

Tsuro is a simple game to both learn and play, lasting no longer than 20 minutes. Beautifully designed and simple to play, the game features a Chinese dragon on each tile. The goal is to be the last remaining dragon on the board. This will soon become tricky because as the game goes on spaces will quickly run out. Be wary, as you may be forced to change directions to avoid a collision and taken to the edge of the board.  So which path will you take?

Tsuro Gameplay

Here is an overview of how to play Tsuro:

  1. Each player will draw three tiles.
  2. Place a tile that is connected to your pawn’s path.
  3. Move your pawn to the end of the pathway.
  4. If your pawn reaches the edge or collides with another pawn, you will be eliminated from the game.
  5. At the end of the turn, players draw back up to three tiles. If you cannot do this, claim the dragon token to be first in line to draw a tile when the pile is replenished.
  6. The player with only one pawn left becomes the winner of Tsuro!

Game Components

Tsuro’s beautifully engraved components are listed below:

  • 8 Dragon Pieces (Black, White, Grey, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow & Orange)
  • 35 Tiles
  • Dragon Tile
  • Rules

How to Play Tsuro

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