Top of the Pops


The TV sensation is back for good with the new Top of the Pops Music Party Game! Test your musical knowledge as you battle against your friends by giving clues about popular songs and artists.

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Top of the Pops Game is the ultimate throwback game that includes 8 genres of music ranging from the 60’s to today. Gather in 2 teams of 4-12 players and race to act, describe and kazoo all-time chart-topping artists and songs! This game suits all aged 14 and above who has listened to the radio before as the game is packed full of absolute hits! Race against the timer to secure your win throughout 2 rounds of the game. Quick thinking skills are crucial as the first round requires you to name a song associated with a set theme in just 15 seconds!

Top of the Pops Gameplay

We have simplified the rules for the Top of the Pops Game to give you a head start:

  1. Split players into two teams.
  2. Set up your stage by grabbing your board, buzzer, and cards.
  3. Both teams pick a player to represent them in the first buzzer battle.
  4. Read out a head-to-head card, when a player thinks of a song, they can shout out their answer and hit the buzzer.
  5. The other player now has just 15 seconds to fire back their answer.
  6. The battle will go back and forth until one player cannot think of another answer.
  7. The winning player from round one will now take nine artist cards from the pile and keep them private.
  8. They now choose three artist cards to keep and hand the rest to their opponent who can also choose three.
  9. Each player will choose where to place their cards on the board and the winner of the first round will hold down the buzzer to start the 30 second timer.
  10. Use the instructions on the board to help the rest of your team guess the three artists you chose.
  11. The team with the most correct guesses for all eight genres wins!

Game Components

Top of the Pops Game includes:

  • 180 Cards
  • 2 Kazoos
  • 1 Gameboard
  • 1 Electronic Timer

How to play Top of the Pops

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