Tiny Towns


Plan and construct your very own thriving town, but be careful to not fill it up with wasted resources. The player to build the most successful tiny town wins!

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Tiny Towns is a family board game where 1-6 players aged 14 years or over will build their towns one building at a time.

Take on the role of mayor and control your tiny town in the forest where the smaller creatures created a civilisation that is hidden away from predators. However, the land is small and resources are minimal, so take what is necessary and never turn down building materials.

Towns are represented by a 4×4 grid where players will place resource cubes to construct their buildings. Each building will score victory points in different ways and when no player is able to place resources or construct buildings the game will end. Any squares without a building loses a point and the player with the most wins the game!

Tiny Towns Gameplay

The game plays out in turns and players will call out a colour of a cube for everyone to add to their board. If a player completes a building card pattern they will build it by removing cubes and placing the building on the squares the cubes were on.

Tiny Towns is a game consisting of good and efficient planning. During the early rounds players may possibly go for the same building, however they vary depending on where they place them and therefore need different cubes. The game continues until players are no longer able to build and the player with the most victory points will become the winner!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Tiny Towns below:

  • Player Boards x6
  • Building Cards x25
  • Monument Cards x15
  • Resource Cards x15
  • Score pad
  • Buildings x126
  • White Wooden Master Builder Hammer
  • Monuments x6
  • Wooden Resource Cubes x90
  • Rulebook

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Game Length

Medium (30-90 mins)


City Building, Economic


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