Tiny Epic Galaxies


Control a galactic empire and strengthen your galaxy in Tiny Epic Galaxies. Plan carefully as you expand your influence because opponents can follow your actions!

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Revolving around an innovative dice-rolling combo mechanic, Tiny Epic Galaxies allows players to colonize new planets throughout the game. 1-5 Players aged 14 years or older can roll each die with symbols to represent the actions they can take. Actions include moving a spaceship, increasing culture, increasing energy and advancing influence over new planets.

Carefully plan out the actions you choose as each of your opponents can choose to follow. So keep that in mind as you grow your empire and influence to become the most powerful planet in the galaxy. Shout out your total score as you gain victory points to the rest of the players, as the first to gain 21 victory points has won Tiny Epic Galaxies!

Tiny Epic Galaxies Gameplay

We have provided you with a simplified set of rules on how to play Tiny Epic Galaxies:

  1. Decide the level you wish to play.
  2. Set up the game according to the level you have chosen.
  3. The first player will roll the number of dice indicated on their dice track.
  4. Decide which dice you would like to use and activate them by placing them in the activation bay and carry out the actions shown.
  5. Once you have activated all the dice chosen, play moves to the rogue galaxy.
  6. During another player’s turn you can follow the action they have taken by spending one culture token.
  7. When gaining victory points you should announce your current total to the rest of the players. First to 21 wins!

Game Components

Game components are all listed below:

  • 5 Galaxy Mats
  • Control Mat
  • 40 Planet Cards
  • 12 Secret Mission Cards
  • 7 Action Dice
  • 20 Ships
  • Empire Tokens x5
  • Energy Tokens x5
  • Culture Tokens x5

How to Play Tiny Epic Galaxies

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