Time Stories (Including Asylum Mission)


Explore different locations with your team as you are given missions to successfully complete. It is impossible to fail as you can go back in time as many times as you wish!


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Time Stories is a board game that takes you through a story as you play the role of your character. Choose your time captain for each location and they will provide the mission briefing. Actions and movements require Temporal Units and will be dependent on the scenario and players present.

Time Stories is a role-playing board game for 2-4 players aged 14 years and over. A ‘run’ of the game will last around 90 minutes so you can overcome the puzzles and obstacles of a scenario.

Save your game whenever you choose and play over multiple sessions aiming to solve the mystery of your scenario. Travel to multiple locations and back to the 1920’s throughout this game of Time Stories!

Time Stories Gameplay

Time Stories is a more complex game to play so we have provided an overview of what you will be doing throughout this game:

  1. The chosen time captain will be responsible for reading the first card.
  2. Explore the location by moving your markers to the space of your choice. If one agent decides to enter a location, all other players must do as well.
  3. The marks found on the back of a card indicates what is needed to see the card, so if you do not meet the conditions you cannot move your pawn.
  4. The agents have a telepathic power that allows them to communicate any information gathered.
  5. After a discussion the time captain will spend 1 TU and all other players will perform an action.
  6. Actions that can be performed are: Making a characteristic roll, moving your pawn, or doing nothing.
  7. If you wish to leave a location, you follow these five steps: Leave the current location, choose a new location, put the first location away, roll the captain die and change the designated time captain.
  8. To face a test place your shields below your card on the board.
  9. To succeed, you must eliminate all shields.
  10. Time Stories can be “saved” and played over multiple sessions so you are able to continue when you choose!

Game Components

  • Game Board
  • 8 Agent Pawns
  • Time Token
  • Group Token
  • Time Captain Die
  • 6 Action Dice
  • 40 Normal/Skull Shields
  • Time Shields x7
  • Heart Shields x7
  • Special Shields x7
  • 140 Resource Tokens
  • 30 Life Points
  • 24 State Tokens

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