Ticket To Ride UK Expansion


Expand your Ticket to Ride board game with this expansion pack. Complete ticket cards and connect train route in both the UK and Pennsylvania!

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Ticket to Ride UK is a game where 2-5 players aged 8 years and over will develop technology in the UK and buy stock from Pennsylvania rail companies. This expansion pack comes with a double-sided game board to include both maps!

Ticket to Ride Pennsylvania is simple to play but involves more strategic choices surrounding what routes to build and when. On the other hand, Ticket to Ride United Kingdom is different to usual and can lead players to build in the same area around London. As the game continues, more paths to victory become clear and players must claim bonus points, tickets and long routes.

Ticket to Ride UK is an expansion pack and requires a copy of Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe to be played.

Ticket to Ride UK Gameplay

Find an overview on how to play Ticket to Ride UK below:

  1. On your turn choose between drawing two train cards, claiming a route or drawing destination cards.
  2. Train cards can be found at the top of the deck or in the face-up card deck.
  3. Claim a route by playing a set of cards with the same colour as the route and place your train pieces.
  4. Draw three destination cards and choose one to keep.
  5. Continue taking turns until a player has under three trains left and give each player an extra turn.
  6. The player with the longest train path will earn a bonus ten points.
  7. The player with the highest amount of points at the end of the game wins!

Game Components

The full list of game components for Ticket to Ride UK will be in a list below:

  • Map of the United Kingdom
  • Map of Pennsylvania
  • Train Cards
  • Tech Cards
  • Stock Share Cards
  • Tickets
  • Rules

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