The Underworld Creepers (Blood Bowl Team)

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  • You no longer have to choose between skittering Skaven and madcap Goblins
  • Mixed teams offer new challenges and fun modelling opportunities
  • Customise your team with both sets of balls, turn markers and coins

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Mixed hybrid teams are legal again under NAF rules, formed from a mix of different races and cultures. Skaven and Goblin teams are affectionately called the Underworld Denizens, and the Underworld Creepers are one of the most popular examples. The combination of players from both races joins the best of both worlds, spawning new strengths and eliminating old weaknesses to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Goblin and Skaven players have little in common besides their size and subterranean homes, but as a team they can put together a winning combination of positions and players. They’re a lot of fun to play and you’ll enjoy a dizzying variety of fresh tactics and plays, whilst keeping your opponents on their toes.

This multipart plastic kit contains components from both the existing Goblin and Skaven team sets. You’ll be able to build 6 unique Goblins with interchangeable heads, 3 Skaven Linemen, 1 Skaven Blitzer, 1 Skaven Thrower, and 1 Skaven Gutter Runner. Alongside the players, the set contains 3 Goblin and 3 Skaven balls, plus one of each team’s tokens and turn markers! You’ll also find an Underworld Denizens transfer sheet and 12 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

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