The Starblood Stalkers (Warhammer Underworlds)

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The Starblood Stalkers are a 6 fighter warband from Direchasm and consist of Kixi-Taka, Klaq-Trok, Huachi, Xepic, Tok and Otapatl. This 6 fighter animalistic warband is playable in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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The Slann Starmasters of the Seraphon sent a hunting party of skinks to the mountain in which they foresaw danger. Leader Kixi-Taka the Diviner will compel the mountain into self-destructive insanity when in the precise location. The Starblood Stalkers have speed and skill to deal out damage when necessary and are quick to jump on unguarded objects.

Kixi-Taka the Diviner is the leader of the warband and is armed with a Star-Stone Staff and Starbolt. Also armed with a unique action so you pick a feature token to either flip or deal damage to an enemy fighter within range.

Klaq-Trok is armed with Celestite Warmaul and Powerful Jaws. Klaq-Trok also has a unique reaction to make the Powerful Jaws attack action after activation.

Huachi has a Meteoric Javelin and a Hurled Javelin which magically return to Huachi after being thrown.

The remaining three have fewer weapons. Xepic has a Moonstone Club and defends on a block with a shield, Tok has a Boltsplitter and Moonstone club, and Otapatl has a dartpipe with special abilities.

Play the The Starblood Stalkers in Warhammer Age of Sigmar with a downloadable warscoll and calm the living mountain with the wisdom of the gods!

The Starblood Stalkers Components

This set features universal cards and a free downloadable warscroll so you can fight with The Starblood Stalkers in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

  • 6 Push-Fit Starblood Stalkers Miniatures (no glue required)
  • 6 Fighter Cards Representing Warriors – Kixi-Taka, Klaq-Trok, Huachi, Otapatl, Tok and Xepic.
  • 62 Playable Cards including:
  • Objective Cards x12
  • Upgrade Cards x10
  • Ploy Cards x10
  • Universal Objective Cards x10
  • Universal Upgrade Cards x10
  • Gambit Cards x18
  • Gambit Spell Cards x2

Recommended Paints

Use your own technique and paint The Starblood Stalkers following Citadel’s paint recommendations listed below:

  • Teal
  • Crimson
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Turquoise
  • Bloodsoaked Yellow
  • Dark Pink
  • Aged Brass
  • Bestial Green
  • Battered Metal
  • Light Grey

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