The Rise of Queensdale


Create a unique experience with this legacy-style board game that is determined by your decisions. The Rise of Queensdale Is in your hands, will you able to gain the King’s patronage?

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The Rise of Queensdale is a strategy board game where 2-4 players aged 12 years and over will travel to the valley to fulfil the commands of the King. Take fate into your own hands as you construct buildings, collect raw materials and travel around the valley.

The game is provided with easy instructions to follow so that gameplay can begin straight away. The unique experience of the game means you can play it multiple times and get different outcomes to keep the entertainment going. So make sure to act with wisdom and courage, as your decisions will reveal the fate of Queensdale.

The first player to reach their epoch goal wins the game!

The Rise of Queensdale Gameplay

Below is a simplified version of how to play The Rise of Queensdale:

  • At the start of each round, players will roll a set of dice.
  • The result of the dice rolls will determine what actions players can take.
  • Each player will complete one action at a time and place a die into the action slots.
  • Actions include building a tile, feeding the poor, grabbing resources and more.
  • Once all dice have been placed another round will begin.
  • The game continues until a player has reached their goal.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components below:

  • 3 Game and Action Boards
  • 450 Counters
  • 500 Stickers
  • 120 Cards
  • 100 Wooden Tokens
  • 21 Wooden Dice
  • Cloth Bag
  • Manual
  • Royal Plunger

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