The Resistance (3rd Edition)


The Resistance is a party game where players are either part of the blue resistance operatives or red imperial spies. Played out over three to five rounds, players must vote their way to victory.

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The Resistance is a social game that can have 5-10 players aged 13 years or over. Get your player talking, laughing and guessing in this ultimate party game where your votes reveal the winners. During each round the leader will choose a team to complete a mission and the rest of the players will vote either for or against it.

In each game there is a couple of spies which know the identity of every player. They aim to win their missions by tricking those on the resistance team by using their power of being able to choose between fail and success cards. On the other hand, the resistance players are not sure who they can trust and can only play success cards. The first team to win three mission points wins the game!

The Resistance Gameplay

Below is a brief overview on how to play The Resistance:

  1. Select the board you require for the amount of players.
  2. Shuffle identity cards and spy cards indicated by the playing board.
  3. Deal one identity card to each player and make sure they remain secret to other players.
  4. Place the trackers on the board, give each player one approve and reject token and one player the leader token.
  5. All players must now close their eyes and open when the leader tells them to do so.
  6. Spy players will know look around and know who the other players are before closing and opening their eyes once again.
  7. Each round contains a mission, the number on the circle reveals how many players will be needed to play.
  8. The leader will give a gun token to each member that is being sent on a mission.
  9. Players will vote on the team for whether they approve or reject them.
  10. If the team is rejected by the majority, the leader token will be passed on and a new team is formed.
  11. If players fail to agree five times in a row, the spies win the game.
  12. When the majority approves of the team the members will be given success and failure mission cards.
  13. The members will give in the cards they are required to or have chosen for the leader to reveal.
  14. One fail card results in the failure of the mission and earns the spies a point.
  15. When all mission cards are success, the resistance team win a point.
  16. The first team to win three points wins!

Game Components

  • 10 Character Cards
  • 10 Mission Cards
  • Inquisitor Token
  • 5 Team Tokens
  • 20 Vote Tokens
  • 5 Score Markers
  • Round Marker
  • Vote Track Marker
  • Leader Token
  • 3 Score Tableaus

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