Heroes and Hexes: The Quest For El Dorado


Are you ready to delve back into the jungle and embark on a new journey to the City of Gold? This time there is bigger challenges to face on your path to success!

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Heroes and Hexes: The Quest For El Dorado Expansion invites 2-4 players aged 10 years and over to delve back into the jungle with heroes by their side to go up against new challenges.

This expansion brings a more exciting gameplay that includes heroes and big challenges. For example, the jungle now has demons that players need to get past to reach the golden border.

To be able to play Heroes and Hexes you will need The Quest For El Dorado base game as the cave tokens are required for the expansion to work. There is also different map set ups at different levels of difficulty and guidelines so you can create maps yourself.

Heroes and Hexes Gameplay

In The Quest For El Dorado Expansion, players will take on roles of expedition leaders and hire heroes to help them in their search for the land of gold. Located in the jungles of South America, there will be demons awaiting their presence, making this their biggest challenge so far.

Players will need to equip and assemble their teams with just one goal in mind, to reach the golden boarder first. As always, the player with the strongest tactics will become the winner of the game!

Game Components

Find a full list of game components for Heroes and Hexes below:

  • Instructions
  • Terrain Tiles x3
  • Training Camp
  • Blockades x2
  • Expedition Cards x60
  • Cave Tokens x18
  • Curses x20

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