The Muddles


If you have ever been curious about what two animals combined looks like, this creature making card game is the one for you. Compete against each other as you race to collect your muddles!

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The Muddles Board Game features multiple mixes of two real animals combined these animals are called muddles. For example, the Bellyfish is half bee, half jellyfish. There is a total of seven muddles for players aged 6 and above to collect with up to another three players.

The aim of The Muddles Board Game is to take it in turns to capture all the muddles. Each muddle comes with a set number of points on the bottom of the card. Add up all these points at the end of the game, the player with the most total points wins!

The Muddles Gameplay

Here is how to capture your muddles:

  1. Deal out one of each muddle and place in the middle of the playing area.
  2. Shuffle the remaining muddle cards.
  3. Now deal out another eight cards at random and place underneath the matching cards already out.
  4. The remaining muddle cards can go back in the box.
  5. Shuffle the element cards.
  6. Deal out three animal cards to each player face up.
  7. The first player can now try to create a muddle with two of their animal cards.
  8. Discard your animal cards and collect your muddle.
  9. Add this to your winning pile and draw two new animal cards.
  10. If a player can’t make a muddle, they must discard two animal cards and draw another two.
  11. If this player can now make a muddle, they can collect it on their next turn.
  12. When a player has two matching animal cards, they can keep them. Discard the odd-one-out and replace with a new card.
  13. Three identical animal cards means you can collect any muddle of your choosing on your next turn. When connecting this muddle, you can either take from the table or steal one from another players winning pile.
  14. If you run out of animal cards, shuffle the deck, and turn it over.
  15. Repeat this until all muddles have been captured.
  16. Add up the points on the bottom of your muddle cards and announce the winner!

Game Components

Take the Muddles Board Game wherever you go as all you need is:

  • 84 Cards

How to play The Muddles

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