The Crimson Court (Warhammer Underworlds)


Take control of merciless hunters and their hunger in The Crimson Court Warhammer Underworlds set which introduces four vampires seeking to feast on the defeated.

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Grow your collection with this set that includes four Crimson Court vampire miniatures and cards to lead you to success. The vampires are superhuman with powerful and refined skills. However, they are also driven purely by their hunger for blood and can erupt into violence at any given time.

Prince Duvalle will lead the band through Direchasm where they will take advantage of living prey. Control their bloodlust and claim the mountain as you feast to become victorious. Will you play using their bloodlust or limit their hunger to claim the battlefield?

Waste no time, as the vampire warband make Direchasm their hunting ground using their special abilities. Gorath will grow in strength as his bloodthirst takes over. He is able to transfer wounds and hunger between fighters and carry a soulbound mace during battle. Vellas carries paired blades which she uses to entrap her foes, her lack of magic does not phase her as she becomes permanently on guard. Last but not least, Ennias can fly across enemies and terrains all while using his savage assault.

The Crimson Court set will make a perfect contribution to your Warhammer Underworlds battles.

The Crimson Court Components

Expand your collection and begin your games of Warhammer Underworlds with The Crimson Court set which includes:

  • 4 Push-Fit Crimson Court Miniatures
  • 4 Fighter Cards – Prince Duvalle, Ennias Curse-born, Gorath the Enforcer and Vellas von Faine
  • 62 Playable Cards: 12 Objective Cards, 10 Upgrade Cards, 10 Ploy Cards, 10 Universal Objective Cards, 10 Universal Upgrade Cards, 8 Universal Gambit Cards and 2 Universal Gambit Spell Cards.

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