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The Chameleon board game is a party board game where the players to have work out who is the designated chameleon. Use your detective skills and make sure to catch them out!

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To begin the Chameleon Game, all players will receive a card. One of those cards will state whether you are the chameleon, while the rest of the cards are all identical with combinations of numbers to match your two dice rolls. This combination of numbers will reveal the secret word on the topic card placed in the middle. All players will then provide a one-word clue to the secret word, be careful to not make your word too obvious. As the chameleon cannot see the combination card, they will have to be clever and find a word that can be associated with all the words on the topic card. Players will now vote and argue who they think the chameleon is!

The sneaky Chameleon Game is for players aged 14 and over. Providing for 3-8 players, the board game usually lasts around 15 minutes per game.

The Chameleon Gameplay

Do you have the detective skills to play The Chameleon Game? The rules are seen below:

  1. Choose the green or blue ‘Code Card’ decks, all players must have the same colour.
  2. Shuffle the Code Cards together and deal one out to each player facing down.
  3. Place a topic card into the middle of the table for all to see.
  4. Roll both the yellow 6-sided dice and the blue 8-sided dice and match the numbers to your code card.
  5. These numbers show you where to look on the topic card for your secret word.
  6. Players now need to think of a word you can associate with your secret word but try not to make it too specific.
  7. If you are the chameleon, you will have to think of a word that you can associate with all secret words.
  8. Each player will say their word out loud and vote on who they think the chameleon is.
  9. The player who receives the most votes must reveal their identity!

The Chameleon Game Components

The award-winning Chameleon Board Game includes:

  • 56 Oversized Cards
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Pen

How to play The Chameleon

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