Teotihuacan City of Gods


Gain fortune and approval from gods as you construct the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan City of Gods. Travel back in time to the city and use your wealth and knowledge to earn fame!

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Teotihuacan City of Gods is a game for 1-4 players aged 14 years and over who have now been invited to the greatest city of Mesoamerica. The rival families are competing for fortune and approval from the gods as they build the Pyramid of the Sun. If you are familiar with Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar, both sharing the same designer, then this could be a game for you to enjoy.

In Teotihuacan City of Gods, you will manage your workforce, gain resources, build houses, raise the Pyramid of the Sun and so much more. Cocoa is an important resource throughout this game as it will be needed to feed your workers after an eclipse. So, be strategic and create a plan as the player with the most points wins!

Teotihuacan Gameplay

Below you will find a simplified version on how to play Teotihuacan:

  1. On your turn, you must choose between taking a normal turn or unlocking all your locked workers.
  2. When taking a normal turn, you must choose one unlocked worker and advance by up to three action boards.
  3. After this you may perform one of three actions such as collecting cocoa, worship or performing main action.
  4. Cocoa can be collected on any action board, you will receive a cocoa for every worker present on the board plus one.
  5. Worship can only be done on limited action boards such as the palace, cocoa will also have to be spent to do this.
  6. Performing main action costs cocoa equivalent to unlocked workers present on the board.
  7. An eclipse will be triggered when the light disc reached the space that is occupied by the dark disc.
  8. After the third eclipse has been resolved, the player with the most points will win.
  9. If there is a tie, then the player with the most cocoa remaining wins.

Game Components

Below if a full list of game components for Teotihuacan City of Gods:

  • Main Board
  • 6 Action Boards
  • 15 Decoration Tiles
  • 54 Discovery Tiles
  • 9 Technology Tiles
  • 18 Starting Tiles
  • 9 Royal Tiles
  • 7 Temple Bonus Tiles
  • 2 Calendar Discs
  • 11 Buildings
  • 32 Pyramid Tiles
  • 4 Player Order Tokens
  • Player Components in 4 Colours
  • Cocoa Tokens
  • 60 Resources
  • 4 Multiplier Tokens

How to Play Teotihuacan

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