Tend to the needs of a hungry panda in this beautiful game inspired by Japanese gardens. Players will need to take care of the animal by growing three species of bamboo to maintain levels of hunger and win the game!

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Takenoko is a family board game where 2-4 players aged 8 years or over will be faced with the difficult task of caring for a rather hungry panda. Offered as a symbol of peace by the Chinese Emperor, you have now been entrusted to tend to the pandas very needs by caring for the bamboo garden.

Players will need to prepare land plots and provide enough water to grow species of either green, yellow or pink bamboo. Use the help of the gardener to maintain the bamboo and earn points to feed the sacred animal. The player with the best land plot and the most points will become the winner of Takenoko!

Takenoko Gameplay

Find an overview on how to play Takenoko below:

  1. Begin the game by determining the weather conditions, do this by rolling the weather die.
  2. Decide which two actions you will take: Plots, Irrigation Channel, Gardener, Panda and Objectives.
  3. Resolve the actions chosen.
  4. At any time throughout the game players can complete objective cards if the conditions have been met.
  5. Plots can have just one improvement: The Enclosure, Fertiliser and The Watershed.
  6. The game ends depending on the number of players present.
  7. The player with no most points wins the game!

Game Components

Find the full list of components for Takenoko below:

  • Panda
  • Weather Die
  • Gardener
  • Rule Booklet
  • 4x Individual Boards
  • 8x Action Chips
  • 9x Improvements
  • 20x Irrigation Channels
  • 24x Pink Bamboo Sections
  • 28x Plots
  • 30x Yellow Bamboo Sections
  • 36x Green Bamboo Sections
  • 36x Objective Cards

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