Szarekh The Silent King


  • The ultimate Necron Character
  • Ideal for painters and gamers alike
  • Enhance your army and obliterate enemies

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Szarekh The Silent King enters battle aboard the Dais of Dominion, flanked by phaerons of his Triarch and orbited by noctilith Menhirs. He will unleash god-like powers upon his foes, as his authority radiates out to in order to empower Necron legions and lead them to victory.

This ultimate character holds a place in any of your Necron collections. Use his amazing yet terrifying skills as a commander to help enhance the remaining units in your army and shatter even the toughest enemies. As well as this, this is simply just a gorgeous model to both build and paint!

Szarekh The Silent King Components:

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x155
  • 10mm Round Base
  • 50mm Round Bases x2

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Warhammer 40k


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