Stranger Things Eggo Card Game


Escape from the Demogorgon in this Eggo Card Game based of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Players will take on character roles such as Dustin and Hopper as they attempt to escape the Upside Down!

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Stranger Things Eggo Card Game is a party board game where 2-6 players aged 14 years or over will attempt to escape from the Demogorgon before it’s too late!

Inspired by the Netflix series, this game requires players to take on the roles of Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, Barb or Hopper. Players will send their fellow players to the upside down and make them draw cards to lessen their chances of survival against the evil Demogorgon!

Stranger Things is a drama series that follows Will Byers who goes missing due to terrifying supernatural forces. Eggo is a brand of waffles that have become an icon of the series due to Eleven having an obsession with them.

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game Gameplay

Stranger Things eggo cards can send a player to the dreaded Upside Down, reverse the order of play, make an opponent draw cards and summon the Demogorgon.

The more eggo cards a player has, the less likely it is for them to escape from the supernatural evil that awaits.

Players will have to escape from the Upside Down and discard all Eggo cards before they are attacked by the Demogorgon!

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for this party board game below:

  • Eggo Cards x106
  • Character Cards x7
  • Instructions

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