Stormcast Eternals and Paint Set (Age of Sigmar)


Practice your Warhammer painting skills and begin your Stormcast Eternals collection with this paint set! Featuring two push-fit models, six paints and a brush to bring your miniatures to life.

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This incredible Stormcast Eternals and Paint Set is a great way to begin your collection of miniatures. Included in this set is two Vindictors, six paints and a brush to get you started. The models supplied are all push-fit, this means no glue is requires and you can begin building your miniatures straight away!

Stormcast Eternals are warriors who hold the power of ancient storms. They form part of the Grand Alliance of Order and were created by Grungni to destroy the chaos rulers. Stormcast Eternals were made for the purpose of war and have abilities which grant them with supreme strength over ordinary humans. They have lightning running through their veins and are armed with weaponry forged from the enchanted metal, Sigmarite.

Age of Sigmar is a fantasy wargame where four Gods go head to head to gain dominance over the magic-filled Mortal Realms. Players will need to command their armies and battle in eternal war to reveal the rate of the Warhammer world. Collect, assemble, paint and play with your unique miniatures and get involved in the famous battles today!

Stormcast Eternals and Paint Set Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Models x2 – Each with Distinct Poses
  • 12ml Paints Pots x6 – Including Corax White, Leadbelcher, Kantor Blue, Retributor Armour, Stirland Mud and Agrax Earthshade
  • Starter Paintbrush

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Age of Sigmar


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