Start Collecting! Primaris Space Wolves

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Forged from a race of ferocious warriors raised on the death world of Fenris, the Space Wolves are furious, savage adversaries -the perfect fusion of raw might and technological supremacy, fighting with blade, claw and boltgun against the horrific armies that threaten to consume mankind.

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Start Collecting! Primaris Space Wolves

£60.00 £47.35

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All Space Marines in this particular chapter have one thing in common: they were raised on Fenris, a world of scant resources, abundant monsters and vicious humans that threaten to end their lives before they can don their first suits of power armour. To become a Space Wolf is already a mighty achievement, but their triumphs do not end there. The Space Wolves may be savage and even barbaric at times, but what defines them is how they remain in control of their predatory instincts even in the heat of battle to protect the citizens of the Imperium. Those who they face will quickly find themselves cut down by fang, claw, blade and boltgun!
This set is excellent value, instantly giving you access to a ten-man Space Wolves Pack, three Thunder Wolves and a Space Marine Commander to savage the enemies of the Imperium. Assemble and paint these awesome miniatures to use them in games of Warhammer 40K!

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