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Orks fall upon their foes like a swarming green tide. Tooled up with crude, improvised weapons and using unsubtle tactics, they’re an anarchic, battle-crazed race of barbaric aliens who live for the thrill of the fight. Addicted to violence, speed and brutality, they roar their infamous warcry as they charge headlong into battle: ‘WAAAGH!’

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Few battle lines in the entire galaxy will remain fearless when a mighty “WAAAGH!” bellows through the warzone, for it means only one thing; Orks… Lots of Orks. The greenskin hordes that descend upon those unfortunate enough to cross their path live only for brutal combat, gory violence and breakneck speeds. They are the grim future’s adrenaline junkies and they will go to some extreme lengths to get their fixes. While the tools these barbaric xenos bring to war may be crude, they are certainly tried and tested when it comes to killing. What Orks lack in finesse, they more than make up for in their enthusiasm for bloodshed!
This set is excellent value, instantly giving you access to eleven Boyz, five Nobz with their Ammo Runt, one Deff Dread and a Painboy to brutalise your foes. Assemble and paint these awesome miniatures to use them in games of Warhammer 40K!

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