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Staunch defenders of the Imperium from their earliest days, the Blood Angels are a proud and noble Space Marine Chapter who fight to protect the Emperor’s realm and to atone for their own hidden failings. For they hide an inner darkness, a gene-curse which reduces their most courageous warriors to raving, blood-mad beasts.

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Foes of the Imperium tremble when the Blood Angels launch their assault. This Space Marine chapter has been waging bloody war, not just for the Emperor, but also to atone for secret sins brought on by frenzied blood-lust. If you’re after an army that believes a devastating warzone is simply a chance to let loose and blow off some steam, look no further than the Blood Angels!
This set is excellent value, instantly giving you access to ten Blood Angel Tactical Marines, a Baal Predator and a Blood Angel Captain in Terminator armour to lead them into the blood bath. Assemble and paint these awesome miniatures to use them in games of Warhammer 40K!

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