Starpulse Cadre (T’au Empire Battleforce Box)

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Available to pre-order from 28/11/2020

PRE-ORDER Stock Expected by 5th December!

Get an instant T’au army in a box with the T’au Empire Battleforce Box exclusively available for Christmas. Limited stock only!

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Make peace, not war… that is, unless no-one listens to reason, in which case you should just go ahead and make war better than them. That’s not exactly the philosophy of the T’au Empire, but you catch our drift.

With this Battleforce of 10 Fire Warriors, 10 Pathfinders, 3 Crisis Battlesuits, 1 Broadside Battlesuit, a Piranha, a Commander, and more Drones than this humble scribe can count, you’ll certainly be feeling the Greater Good!

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012, Warhammer 40


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