Star Wars Imperial Assault


Play as the rebel or imperial forces and fulfil mission objectives in this Star Wars Imperial Assault Core Set! This strategy board game requires tactical combat and capability to solve missions to win!

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Star Wars Imperial Assault is a game where 1-5 players aged 14 years and over will play as imperial or rebel forces and fulfil mission objectives. This strategy board game of missions and tactical combat offers two games of both battle and adventure set in the Star Wars universe!

Included in this core set you will also find the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and Darth Vader Villain Pack that both offer incredible plastic figures and skirmish missions.

So what are you waiting for? Fight alongside iconic characters from the amazing Star Wars saga!

Star Wars Imperial Assault Gameplay

In the campaign game, you will play through a cinematic tale which is set in the Star Wars universe. One player will command the armies of the Galactic Empire and threaten to forever put out the flame of the Rebellion. Other players will become the heroes of the Rebel Alliance and engage in operations to undermine the Empire. Both the Imperial player and Rebel heroes will gain new skill and experience which allows their characters to evolve.

On the other hand, Imperial Assault offers a completely different game experience throughout the skirmish game. During missions you and another player will compete in tactical combat. Gather your force of Imperials, Mercenaries and Rebels and gather a deck of command cards so that you will gain an advantage in battle.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Star Wars Imperial Assault below:

  • 4 Rulebooks
  • 34 Plastic Figures
  • 6 Hero Sheets
  • 59 Double-Sided Map Tiles
  • 11 Custom Dice
  • 60 ID Stickers
  • 88 Large Cards
  • 214 Small Cards
  • 169 Tokens
    • Luke Skywalker Ally Pack
  • Rule Sheet
  • Luke Skywalker miniature
  • Darth Vader Miniature
  • 8 Large Cards
  • 15 Small Cards

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