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Collect gems and jewels in the addictive strategy game of Splendor! Gain prestige points and grab the attention of nobles to become the winner.

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Splendor is a game for 2-4 players aged 10 years and over to collect chips and card development. Lasting around 30 minutes per game, players will compete to buy gem mines, transportation, and shops to gain prestige points. Play your cards right and you will receive a visit from a noble, which will further increase your points.

The game, published by Space Cowboys, is simple to learn for less experienced gamers. However, it will still provide a unique experience and offer a challenge for those competing to win.

Mine raw materials and transform them into precious stones to sell to the rich. This will help build your wealth and increase your chances of getting a visit from a noble. Nobles include King Henry VIII or Queen Isabella of Spain which are extremely valuable visitors to have to be in for the chance of winning. The first player to reach 15 prestige points and still be in the lead after the final round will become the winner of Splendor.

Splendor Gameplay

Below are the rules to begin your game:

  1. First player must choose between three options: take gem tokens, reserve a development card, or purchase a development card.
  2. There are only five colour gems, so you can take either three gems of different colours or two of the same.
  3. If you choose to reserve a development card, choose one card from the supply, and draw a card from the deck to replace it.
  4. If you purchase a card, select one from the supply and pay its cost in gem tokens. Some cards will have a number and you will receive that amount of prestige points.
  5. As you purchase development cards of the right colours you will attract the attention of nobles.
  6. The game will continue until one player has 15 prestige points. The player with the most wins Splendor!

Game Components

The components for the game are listed below:

  • 40 Gems
  • 90 Development Cards
  • 10 Noble Tiles
  • Rules

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