Spirit Island (Core Game)


Defend your home from colonial invaders in this cooperative game of Spirit Island! Use your spirits powers and work together to fight against the invaders!

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Spirit Island is a game where 1-4 players aged 13 years and over will join forces and use powers to defend their homes. The cooperative game takes place in an alternate-history world in the 1700s.

Players will have their own unique powers to defend their home from Invaders attempting to spread destruction. Work with fellow spirits and increase your power so you can drive the colonists from your island in this complex area-control game!

Spirit Island Gameplay

On every turn, players will choose which power cards they would like to play and pay energy to do so. By using different combinations of power cards you will get free bonus effects. The faster powers will take effect immediately but other magics will slower and require planning to be used effectively.

Invaders will explore lands, build in those lands and eventually form settlements and cities. The game will escalate as it progresses and the spirits will spread their presence to different parts of the island and seek out potent powers.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Spirit Island below:

  • 8 different Spirits, each with 4 Power Cards unique to that Spirit
  • Over 50 distinct Major and Minor Power Cards which Spirits can grow into
  •  4 modular Island Boards, for a variety of layouts
  • Over 100 pieces for representing the Invaders and Dahan (native islanders)
  • 15 Invader cards, driving a distinctive Invader expansion system
  • 15 Fear cards, showing what happens as you terrify the Invader
  •  3 multi-tier Adversaries (specific Invaders) for play variety and fine-tuned challenge: England, Brandenburg-Prussia, and Sweden
  • 4 optional Scenarios for even more play variety

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