Ironclad Dreadnought


This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components to build the Ironclad Dreadnought. Including multiple weapon options, scenic base, plastic components and more!

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This kit contains the components to assemble the Ironclad Dreadnought, a  massive fighting machine that weighs several tons and stands two or three times the average height of a man. As the Dreadnought strides its way into battle, incoming fire spatters against the miniature like rain off the towering adamantium and ceramite hull. Fiery death roars comes from his weapons and the great metal arms churn through all who are foolish enough to attempt to stand before him.

Ironclad Dreadnought Components

Find the full list of components below:

  • Plastic Components x58
  • Seismic Hammer
  • Chainfist
  • Hurricane Bolter
  • Flamers x2
  • Storm Bolter
  • Meltagun
  • Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon
  • Sarcophagus Fronts x2
  • Hunter-Killer Missiles x2
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Searchlight
  • Ironclad Assault Launchers
  • 60mm Round Scenic Base

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