Smash Up


Combine factions and compete to smash bases. With eight different factions to choose from, each game will be completely different!


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Smash Up invites 2-4 players aged 12 and above to compete and destroy bases. The goal of the game is to win by scoring over 15 victory points, earned by taking over bases. Each faction is different, the pirates move cards, the zombies bring cards back and the dinosaurs bring power.

Smash up comes with 2 main playing cards. Each minion card will have its own special ability and power rating, these are played on a base of the players choosing. Some minions will have talents which can occur one per turn during the play cards phase. Action cards have an ability that can be played on bases or minions until discarded. Use your cards not only to smash the bases, but to defeat other characters and earn the most victory points!

Smash Up Gameplay

Learn how to play Smash Up below:

  1. Each player will shuffle together two types of teams and smash them together.
  2. Draw one base card for each player in the game, plus one extra.
  3. Draw five cards from your deck to begin the game.
  4. During the start turn phase, any existing effects on active cards will occur.
  5. The active player can now play cards. During this phase the player can choose either one minion card, one action card, both cards or none at all.
  6. If the total power of all cards on a base equal or exceeds the bases breakpoint the base can score. The active player will choose the order in which they resolve.
  7. The players combine their power values and the player with the most is awarded victory points.
  8. In the next phase the active player will draw two cards. If they have more than ten cards left in their hands, they will have to discard.
  9. Any card effects that trigger at the end of the turn will now occur.
  10. If any player has more than 15 victory points the game will end and the player with the most points wins!

Game Components

  • 160 Minion and Action Cards
  • 16 Base Cards
  • Rule Book

How to play Smash Up

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