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Test your bluffing skills in the Skull game that consists of lying and cheating. Bid against your fellow players and be tactical in your decisions before you get caught out!

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Skull is a game for 3-6 players aged 14 and over to bid against each other and win the challenge. All players are provided with three rose cards and one skull. Each player will make the decision of which card to play and place it face down on their mats.

The active player will have the option to either place another card or challenge the cards that have been played. Other players will test their luck by outbidding them with the claim to turn even more cards face up. If they decide not to challenge, this could mean they have a skull or are trying to deceive the rest of the players. You must start by turning over your card first, if a skull is turned you have failed the challenge.

Score points in Skull by fulfilling your challenges and guessing correctly where the flowers are hidden. Watch the tension rise as you try and discover players intentions and catch them out. Once a player scores two points or catches every player out the game ends and they win!

Skull Gameplay

Outsmart your friends with our simplified rules:

  1. Players will face either a skull or flower face down on their chosen mat.
  2. A chosen player can now make the decision of placing another card or offering a challenge.
  3. If they decide to place another card, the player next to them will also have to decide to place another or offer a challenge.
  4. When a player offers a challenge, all card placements stop. For example, the challenge could be “I bet I can turn over 3 flowers.”
  5. If you win the challenge you will earn a point.
  6. Repeat this until a player has earned two points.
  7. First to win two points is the winner!

Skull Game Components

The components for this bluffing game are listed below:

  • 6 Packs of 4 Identical Cards, 3 Roses Cards and 1 Skull Card.
  • 6 Double-Sided Game Mats.

How to play Skull

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