Saturnine is the fourth book in the Siege of Terra saga and is now available to purchase in paperback. As part of the bestselling Horus Heresy series, this book follows Rogal Dorn trying to win both the battle and war outright. Is he able to identify the crucial combat that could possibly turn the tide forever and crush the heresy once and for all? Read to find out!

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As the traitors are tightening their grip on Terra, Rogal Dorn is responsible for marshaling the Imperial hosts to try and weather the storm. However, not all of the defenders will manage to survive the onslaught…

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Experience one of the most crucial stages of the Siege, Rogal Dorn and Horus match during a game of Regicide where just one wrong move is capable of causing utter devastation…
The Traitor Host of Horus Lupercal has tightened its grip on the Palace of Terra, and as time goes by the walls have begun to crumble and collapse. Rogal Dorn must redouble his efforts to keep the enemy at bay, but this proves difficult as his forces are outnumbered and outgunned. Any chance of survival now will require sacrifice, but what battles will he lose so others can be won?

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