Carlton House & Queen’s Park: Sherlock Holmes


Make your return back to the streets of Victorian London with an extra ten exciting cases to solve. Do you have what it takes to beat the famous Sherlock Holmes?

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Carlton House & Queen’s Park: Sherlock Holmes is a detective game for 1-8 players aged 12 years and over. Put your skills to the test and indulge in 10 exciting cases that will draw players into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Whether you are playing solo or with up to eight players this game is sure to keep you thinking. Detective skills are a must as the aim of the game is to beat Sherlock Holmes in solving the mysterious cases. Also included within these cases are two classic expansions which have been revised and updated so that you can get the most out of your gameplay!

Carlton House & Queen’s Park Gameplay

Find a simplified version of how to play Carlton House & Queen’s Park below:

  1. Begin the game by choosing which case you want to play first.
  2. Read the information given in the corresponding book.
  3. Use contact information to find addresses on the map.
  4. Find the location and search for the relevant information on that character.
  5. Look through newspapers and contact common informants to gain more information regarding your case.
  6. The game will continue until you decide that you have finished.
  7. Answer the series of questions located at the back of the book.
  8. Open up the envelope and compare the correct answers to what you have written.
  9. The aim is to score higher points than the famous Sherlock Holmes!

Game Components

Find the full list of components for Carlton House & Queen’s Park below:

  • Envelope
  • Map of London
  • London Directory
  • Rulebook
  • 3x Additional Maps
  • 10x Case Booklets
  • 10x Newspaper
  • 12x Clues

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