Gain the favour of three factions and unite Japan in Samurai the board game. Players will compete against each other and approach their conquests on using ships and horseback!

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Samurai is a war board game where 2-4 players aged 10 years and over will unite Japan under their rule.

The three factions known as samurai, peasants and priests are represented throughout the game as helmet, rice paddy and Buddha figures. There is also features of the islands of Japan on the game board which is where the figures will be found.

The game ends with players comparing the symbols they have captured. However, ties are not uncommon and will be solved based on the amount of other “non-majority” symbols players have collected.

Samurai Gameplay

Games of Samurai consist of players competing to gain the favour of samurai, priests and peasants. The competition is played through using hexagonal tiles which all which help to earn the favour of the factions.

Players will use horseback and ships to approach their conquests. Rice paddies, helmets, and Buddhas will awarded to the player with the most favour with the corresponding group.

Gameplay will continues until all symbols of a certain type or four figure have been removed from play.  Players will compare their symbols at the end of the game and determine the winner.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Samurai below:

  • High Helmets Figures x13
  • Buddhas Figures x13
  • Rice Fields Figures x13
  • Tokens x80
  • Japanese Screens x4
  • Game Board
  • Game Rules

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