Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right


In the game of Root you can choose between different factions such as the Vagabonds, Woodland Alliance, Marquise de Cat and Eyrie Dynasties to take over the woodland. Here is your chance to rule the amazing forest kingdom in a game of adventure and war!


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Root provides for 2-4 players aged 14 years and over to compete for control over the wilderness. Marquise de Cat has taken over the woodlands and seeks to collect the wood to produce workshops, lumber mills and barracks. However, the creatures of the forest have united to take back their woodland homes and the fate of the forest has been left in your hands.

Every player in the game of Root will have unique abilities and different ways to score victory. To win the game of Root you will need to be the first to score 30 victory points or complete a dominance card. Explore the world, work towards your goals and fight against other factions to take control of the forest!

Root Gameplay

Root is a complex game to play and consists of three phases known as Birdsong, Daylight and Evening. Below we have provided a brief overview on how to play but we also recommend watching the video linked below for a better understanding:

  1. Each players turn will be divided into three phases, these phases will be done according to the character they have chosen.
  2. After a player has completed their turn the next player will take over until one has won the game.
  3. To win in Root a player will need to score 30 victory points. Each faction will have their own way of scoring points.
  4. The Eyrie Dynasties must take all actions from their decree on each turn and score less points when crafting items.
  5. The Marquise de Cat must have a strong economy of wood and has a token providing her with two special abilities.
  6. The Woodland Alliance can train officers and use higher rolls than the attacker.
  7. The Vagabond is unable to rule a clearing but can move regardless of who does rule.

Game Components

Game components for Root will be found in a list below:

  • Double-Sided Game Board
  • Custom Box Insert
  • 4 Faction Mats
  • 2 Custom Twelve-Sided Dice
  • 55 Wooden Meeples
  • 98 Cards
  • 93 Tokens
  • Law of Root Rulebook
  • Learn to Play Rulebook
  • Walkthrough Sheet

How to Play Root

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