Risk Legacy


Risk Legacy allows you to shape history and take great risks as no two games will ever be the same. Remember to make careful choices and actions as they will have consequences!


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Risk Legacy is a game where 3-5 players aged 13 years and over will build forces to dominate the world. Gain control over countries or regions as you attempt to eliminate opponents from the game.

The game will change based on the outcomes of your games and the choices made. Fights between players are determined by dice rolls that reveal which player will lose their units. The game is won by earning victory points and the player with the most is the overall winner!

Risk Legacy Gameplay

Gameplay start with players choosing two powers from one of their factions. Players will then destroy the card with the other rule on it. Some other things you will do in the game may affect it temporarily and others permanently.

The rule book has been designed to change throughout the game with blank spaces to allow for any additions or changes. Entire sections of rules will not take effect until later in the game.

The winner of the 15 games will receive a bonus, such as destroying a country card,

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Risk Legacy below:

  • Rule Book
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Map Board
  • Resource / Event / Mission Board
  • Faction Cards x5
  • Plastic Faction Units
  • Red Star Tokens x16
  • Missile Tokens x17
  • Territory Cards x42
  • Coin Cards x10
  • Faction Starting Power Cards x5
  • Ammo Shortage Scar Cards x3
  • Bunker Scar Cards x3
  • Sealed Packs on box lid x4
  • Pockets in insert x2
  • Sealed Pack on box bottom
  • Black Attack Dice x3
  • Red Defence Dice x2


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