Resident Evil 2: The Board Game


Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror board game that features scenarios from the video game Capcom. Players must work together and take on the roles of Leon, Claire, Robert and Tofu who must fight iconic monsters for their survival

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Resident evil 2 is a game where 1-4 players aged 14 years and over will work together and fight monsters for their survival. Throughout the game you will face the horrors of Zombies, Lickers, William Birkin and more. Resident Evil is a fully cooperative game, so players must work together as if one dies, they all do.

Choose between multiple character roles all with different reasons and goals. Claire Redfield came to the city in search for her brother, only to be left in the outbreak with nothing but a handgun. She is determined to gain more weapons and help other survivors to escape. Leon Kennedy is a rookie officer who will use his training to find a way out. He has the ability to remain calm and react accordingly, making him the perfect character to play. Ada Wong is unpredictable and known to be reckless, with a past that remains secretive. She will help others and make lots of choices that may not always be the right ones. Last but not least is Robert Kendo, a marksman who will gun down all in his path with a grenade launcher.

Players must take on and complete a series of scenarios which will take you further into the horrors that await you. Be prepared not only to fight but to run as zombies lurk around every corner ready to attack. Do you think you can survive and reveal the truth behind the outbreak?

Resident Evil Gameplay

Find a brief overview on how to play Resident Evil 2 below:

  1. To begin the action phase, player will make up to four actions including moving, attacking, open/closing doors, trading, using items and searching for items.
  2. The reaction phase occurs when the action phase ends when a player is in or connected to a tile with a zombie.
  3. The zombie will react to this and move towards the player to attack.
  4. When this occurs, the player must make an invade roll.
  5. To finish a players turn, a card must be drawn from the tension deck.
  6. Resolve the effects of the card.

Game Components

The full list of game components for Resident Evil are in a list below:

  • 24 Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures
  • 26 Double-Sides Game Board Tiles
  • 155 Cards
  • 4 Player Health Track Boards
  • 11 Tracker Dials
  • 6 Dice
  • 84 Tokens
  • Rulebook
  • Scenario Book

Download the Resident Evil Board Game Rulebook

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