Res Arcana


Choose your mage, craft unique artifacts and summon dragons in this brilliant card game. Win games of Res Arcana by racing against your fellow players for the most victory points!

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Res Arcana is a fantasy board game where 2-4 players aged 12 years and over will choose their mage, craft unique artifacts and summon dragons!

In this game Life, Death, Gold, Calm, and Elan are essences of magic. Gather these essences and craft unique artifacts to conquer the places of power to achieve victory!

The game starts when players have all 8 cards from the central tableau. Cards can be preselected or dealt randomly but it is recommended you draft them for better gameplay.

Res Arcana Gameplay

A game of Res Arcana will usually last 4-6 rounds. During each round, players will collect essences and perform any collect abilities. One action can be taken per round including placing artifacts, claiming a monument, discarding cards, using powers or exchanging magical items.

The first player to pass will collect the first player token, draw a card and swap their magic item for another. Reward the player with 10 or more victory points as they are the winner. If no players have won the game, straighten all components and begin another round.

Game Components

Find the full list of game components for Res Arcana below:

  • Artifact Cards x40
  • Mage Cards x10
  • Monument Cards x10
  • Essence Tokens x150
  • Essence Chips x12
  • Places of Power x5
  • First Player Token
  • Reference Cards x4
  • Magic Items x8
  • Summary tile

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